About One 30 Fitness

Strength training in is the most efficient form of exercise and dramatically improves all areas of general health. At One 30 Fitness, using a proprietary blend of slow-motion, state-of-the-art equipment, relaxation techniques and specialized fitness coaching, we can and do teach ordinary people how to exercise at a much higher degree of intensity than they ever thought was possible. Regardless of your fitness level, if you're apparently healthy and are capable of a normal range of movement with each of your limbs, you can certainly exercise at One 30 Fitness. Our specialized strength training techniques will produce health benefits that are measurable. We work closely with our clients to develop achievable fitness goals. Clients are never expected or permitted to exercise by themselves. Clients always have a personal fitness trainer guiding them through every moment of every exercise of every session. No exceptions. Our clients range in age from teenagers to people in their 70's and from every fitness level. Clients range from busy, stay-at-home moms to time-starved professionals such as physicians, dentists, executives, professional athletes, outside salespeople, secretaries, business owners, and many more. Don't believe us? Check out our client testimonials. If you "hate to workout", One 30 Fitness is perfect for your personal fitness needs because you’ll no longer need to go to noisy and often intimidating gyms!