One 30 Fitness Personal Training Exercise FAQs

Q: Do I have to do any “home exercises” along with your personal training program?

​A: No.  We have no gimmicks or tricks or fine print.  Although we don’t suggest people become couch-potatoes, you will not need to do anything else other than our personal training program to get the results we claim.

Q: Does One 30 Fitness personal training program develop strength for both athletes and those de-conditioned?
A: Absolutely! We have shown dramatic results with clients who are elite athletes as well as with those who have not followed any personal fitness training program.

Q: For personal training, does age matter?
A: We have clients ranging in age from 14 to 79 years using our personal training program.

Q: How does the personal training program work if it's only once per week?
A: Our personal training program is simply giving the body the stimulus to adapt and change by providing intense exercise followed by adequate recovery time. When participating in an intense exercise program, muscle fibers get microscopic tears that need adequate time to completely heal and strengthen for maximum benefit. This healing and strengthening process requires a great deal of energy thus burning more calories and fat (even while resting).

Q: How soon will I see results from your personal training program?
A: Once you start the One 30 Fitness personal training program and follow our suggestions, you will begin to see and feel visible, physical changes in only two to three weeks.

Q: Is the One 30 Fitness personal training program expensive?
A: Certainly not. You will be getting private, one-on-one personal training by a certified trainer in a state-of-the-art studio. Unlike most gyms, we do not charge registration fees or monthly dues. You will actually be saving money when comparing our services to traditional personal training. Also, consider the hours per week you'll be saving yourself and the fact that your body must be maintained just as your vehicle and home should be as well.

Q: What about cardiovascular benefits received from your personal training program?
A: "Resistance training in the absence of steroid use results in the same positive effects on cardiac dimensions, diastolic function, and blood lipids as aerobic training". Quoted from a study entitled "Resistance trained athletes using or not using steroids compared to runners: effects on cardiorespiratory variables, body composition and plasma lipids. Yeater R, Reed C, et. al. Br J Sports Med 1996 Mar;30(1):11-4. Quoted from a paper written by M. Doug McGuff. M.D. entitled "Cardiovascular Adaptations".

Q: What are some other health benefits of the One 30 Fitness personal training program?
A: Improved bone density, blood pressure and cholesterol levels; fat loss; reduction of joint problems; and increased energy are some of the exercise benefits and results of our personal training program.

Q: What’s so special about the exercise equipment used in your personal training program?
​A: The equipment we use allows your personal training instructor to change the level of resistance during the exercise with the simple touch of a button. This capability gives us a huge advantage when training clients because we don't have to stop to adjust the resistance like all other types of equipment would normally require and gives us an almost unlimited number of variables to use with clients.