One 30 Fitness

What makes One 30 Fitness so unique?

  1. Spa-like setting.  Many of our clients arrive early or stay longer after their session to relax and enjoy the environment.
  2. Private sessions.  No one else is permitted in the room while you are exercising. This creates the ideal setting for maximum focus for the client and personal trainer.
  3. Quiet and smooth operating equipment.  Specialized equipment capable of changing the level of resistance during the exercise with a simple touch of a button.  
  4. No distractions.  No mirrors, music, televisions, neon lights, people chattering, etc.
  5. Full-body fitness workout - each session targets every major muscle group in the body.
  6. Customer service.   We cater to our clients and strive to achieve the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.
  7. Your Personal Fitness Trainer will explain what muscles are being targeted and will tailor each session based on your personal fitness goals.
  8. No membership dues or sign-up fees.  There are no hidden costs.

  • If you’re ready to experience the finest in personal fitness training and see how pleasant and effective it is to exercise in a quiet setting, please contact us today.  713-888-0066.